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Unlock the natural beauty of your hardwood floors with our professional deep cleaning services in Victoria. Restore sheen and cleanliness to your space with our trusted techniques and skilled team.


Deep cleaning and scuff removal

Ready within hours

Restore your floors' natural radiance with our fast beautification system. Our deep cleaning method offers the safest, quickest, and most affordable way to eliminate dirt, grime, and build-up from your floors.

The Process

  1. SIMPLE – No need to vacate
  2. SAFE – No harsh chemicals
  3. SMART – The most affordable way to rejuvinate your floors!


Light sanding and recoating

Ready overnight

Over time, the protective layer of your hardwood floors gradually diminishes due to the wear and tear of daily living, affecting the longevity of your floor. It is crucial to periodically apply a fresh finish layer to revive its sheen and safeguard its beauty, ensuring prolonged durability.

The Process

  1. – Eliminates dust, dirt, and residue, while thoroughly abrading and deep cleaning the floor.
  2. – Floor undergoes a thorough rinsing and preparation process.
  3. – A fresh finish is applied to reinforce and safeguard the floor.


Full sanding and new surface

Ready in 3-7 Days

Experience a comprehensive transformation for your hardwood floors. Bid farewell to damage and discoloration through dust-free sanding and refinishing. This is also an ideal opportunity to refresh the aesthetic of your floors. Explore various sealer or stain colors to discover the perfect complement for your home.

The Process

  1. – Floor sanded to bare wood
  2. – Stain applied
  3. – Finish applied in selected durability and sheen